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About Sol’s

Founded in 1991, the French advertising textile brand Sol’s Europe is one of the leading brands in the industry, both setting records and setting new standards on the world market. The combination of French design, European standards and world experience guarantees the quality of their products. The brand is distributed in nearly 60 countries, offering excellent quality at competitive prices. In addition to the ever-expanding range of items, the company annually increases its color palette, reaching up to more than 40 color options for specific products.

Sol’s continually strive to ensure that the quality of their products is impeccable. To reduce their impact on the environment, the company takes all measures to make sure the products can be used many times and will not contribute to ecological waste caused by fast fashion. This is even more important since the customers share the same stance, keen for the products to be used several times yet remain immaculate so that their message continues to be conveyed in the long term.

To guarantee the quality of their products, Sol’s have implemented a quality control process at each stage of the production chain: dedicated departments within the SOLO Group, systematic and random checks by independent inspection and certification bodies and analysis of feedback received from the customers to help them continually improve.

In 2020, the company expanded: the iconic brand SOL’S was joined by Atelier Textile Français (made in France garments), RTP Apparel (clothing for digital printing) and NEOBLU (image and corporate wear). Finally, JOY THAI (made-to-order garments) became 100% part of the group.

SOLO Group is a portfolio of unique brands with a common mission:

creating garments and accessories for everyone to express their uniqueness. Through the five brands of customisable clothing, the company is able to propose a clear and segmented offer to effectively meet all market needs.